Divya Agrawal is an experienced freelance content writer in the (just her favorite) Information Technology niche. But, once in a while, she likes to experiment with other industries and has touched upon some including Law, Finance, and Manufacturing.

A professional with a knack for Words and a love for Technology, the best blend for a Freelance Writer in the IT niche.

What exactly does she do?

Divya Agrawal works with IT companies and small businesses to help them generate efficient website copies that bring them leads, publish regular blog posts for improving visibility and enriching the SEO factor.

She is a self-driven person and a go-getter. A professional outlook, an eye for details, and sincerity make her a competent freelance writer.

After working for a year at an IT organization as a software developer after a B.E. in Computer Science, she finally paid heed to her call.

For her detailed freelance writing portfolio, click here.

What?! Why did she leave a well-paying “secure” job?

A part of her loved technology and a part of her loved writing. And, both these parts loved independence!

So, she dived head-first into freelancing her writing services to small and medium IT companies and other local businesses. She hasn’t turned back since.

She shares her insights about the Freelance writing industry and helps budding writers find their ground. Read all of her Freelance Writing posts here.

Some of her posts for beginners in Freelance writing have been immensely loved. These include-

Divya’s other areas of interest!

She is an avid reader. NO! She is a complete book nerd. She cares about F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and did I say books?

In times of leisure, which are rare for her these days, she dives deep into her thoughts and comes up with quotes and poems.

Some of her most loved creative writings are-

To follow her creative musings, quotes, poems, and Hindi/Urdu shayaris easily, follow Divya’s Facebook page The Word Sword.
You can also follow her Instagram handle @the_word_sword.

Follow Divya Agrawal on Facebook here.

Ask her what she reads, and she will ramble on for beyond eternity.


P.S.- To discuss your content writing requirements with Divya, contact her on LinkedIn here, or shoot her an email at divyaagrawal71@gmail.com.

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