Living on an Island? Fight the Lunatic Loneliness of Freelancing

Freelance writing sucks!

Without any support, it gets really lonely and you wonder what the future is.

There are days when you feel stuck, and you just cannot bring yourself to grow your income.

There are times when you’d kill to have the perfect advice for your issues– or even someone who can understand what you are struggling with.

Freelancing can be especially hard when you are trying and failing to earn more, get better clients, or do more marketing.

Unless, you are part of an incredible community like the Freelance Writer’s Den.

If you are serious about getting clients, earning more, and establishing a freelance writing career that gives you freedom, I highly recommend joining the Freelance Writer’s Den.

Carol Tice – an ultra successful freelance writer runs the community.

And the doors open only twice a year.

So, after six months, the Den is now accepting new writers.

Why am I vouching for the Den so hard?

I gain a TON of value having being there for over a year now.

Value in the form of :

Training sessions and bootcamps

It is regular for Den members to get to be part of bootcamps organized by experts the likes of Steve Slaunwhite, Carol Tice, Angie Mansfield, and Joshua Boswell.

I personally have learned so much about white paper writing, blogging, marketing, website designing, case studies writing, and more.

These bootcamps are value-packed and you often need to revisit them because you can’t process ALL the information in one time.

Forum QandA

The Den forum is the best feature, I believe. It gives us something that we all miss as freelancers- a community of peers.

It’s crickets in terms of the number of freelance writers I knew before Den. And, the point is there’s no one you can turn to hwne you have doubts, questions, queries, or just the need to be heard and understood.

The Den forum is a great place to find support from peer freelance writers and move toward high-earning clients because wherever you are, you can do better.

Resources and Guides

Need a pitch outline to send to a BIG company? A contract template to get an idea of what an ideal contract looks like?

There’s so many resources in the Den that you never have to look beyond.

And, why are these trustworthy?

Because writers have used them and gained a lot from them in terms of better paying clients + revenue + a lifestyle they want to live.

Let’s face it.

We have all been in situations where we don’t know what to charge, how to negotiate, what to pitch, how to follow-up, raise rates, how to go about marketing, and so on.

Then, we either look at Google which spews ALL it has toward us, without context, mind you.

Or, we play the guessing game and give our best shot.


There is a better way.

Being part of a community that knows EXACTLY how you feel, what your challenges are, and how you can grow.

Ready to invest a small amount ($25) in your career?

Want to take action and grow your freelance writing income?

Check out the Freelance Writer’s Den.

Here’s your chance to be part of a group of 1200+ writers who answer questions, support each other, and yell “You need to charge more!” – when and if need be.

I have found immense support in the Den- from writers in my niche, country, earning capacity, and otherwise.

I would love the same happen to you.

Hit me up in the Den when you’re in.

I love having valuable conversations there.

Have questions about the Den?

Leave a comment below. I will hang around here.

P.S. This article includes affiliate links and I’d love if you give me credit for telling you about the Den. 🙂

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