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Improve Your Writing to Earn Top Rates

There’s only so much space for you to raise the price bar when your writing is good. Just good.

To charge a premium price for your freelance writing services, you need skills that are unbeatable. And, to get there, you might need some help.

I knew I did.

I believe in reading to write better as a writer.

When you read through business material online, you realize there are some prolific writers out there!

These are the writers who get what they ask for. Because they have the skills to show for their top rates. Once I realized that, I knew I needed some upskilling.

Here’s what I did.

Dig SPECIFIC Information on Google

Specific is the catch. Otherwise, you google a term, read about it, and two hours later you realize you’re watching cat videos.

As a business owner, which every freelance writer is, you don’t want to invest so much time in your research. Get specific with what you want to learn about and get to the searching and sifting through material.

If copywriting is your focus right now, learn about the tricks and tactics some of the best copywriteres use to make their web copies persuasive.

Great copywriting is that which converts. And, to be exceptional at that, you may want to learn a bit of sales page writing and a bit of creative writing.

You could also learn how to conduct research into the target market. It always helps a writer to create content according to the whims and fantasies and challenges of the readers.

I dug out specific information from Google on how I could improve specific parts of my writing.

But, this wasn’t it.

I wanted to improve my overall writing skills too.

And, I came across two courses on Udemy that have completely changed the game for me.

Course #1

Writing With Flair: How to Become an Exceptional Writer – Udemy

This is an informative and practical course from Shani Raja, a former Wall Street Journal editor who has also written and edited for other reputed names such as The Economist, Financial Times, and Bloomberg News.

The course is a step-by-step walkthrough with three broad sections:

  • Simplicity – The section covers ideas- broken down into videos averaging 5 minutes each- on improving the simplicity of your writing. A simple and easy to read piece implies good writing.
  • Clarity – This section talks about ideas to introduce even more ease into the writing. The instructor highlights tiny everyday habits of writers that often take away the clarity of a piece.
  • Elegance – A well written piece is so because it was structured for elegance. This section discusses the importance of style in business writing and how it can be introduced through tiny tips the reputed editor gives.

The course, as I write this, is priced at INR 1,150, which is a huge discount from its actual price.

Feel free to use my affiliate link to sign up for that totally-worth-it price.

It contains so many actionable tips for freelance writers who are into business writing.

Course #2

Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing Mastery – Udemy

If the previous course is the ingredient to good writing, this course is the extra topping and dressing you need to truly stand out.

Graceful writing is so important in business magazines and other marketing material. To get a flow to your writing that allows you to charge top rates, access this course now for INR 1,150.

Taught by the same instructor, this course takes learning a step further to break down writing in its key components:

  • Narrative – The infrastructure of your writing. The “how” you say what you say.
  • Paragraphs – Did you know we switch paragraphs for a reason? Learn how to order and organize your paragraphs to make your writing look slick.
  • Sentences – Break your writing down to sentences and look for those you need and those you can remove.
  • Words – The sauce of any appealing writing are its words. This is what it all boils down to. Are you using the right words?

Learn from the masterful writer the basics and the nitty-gritty of writing.

Both courses are bestselling on Udemy and for all the right reasons.

Feel free to use my affiliate link to access this course.


Are you upskilling to earn more as a freelance writer?

What tools and resources do you use to learn new skills?

Share in the comments below!

Happy freelancing! ­čÖé

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