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Freelance Writing Turns Super-Easy With These Add-on Skills- Part 2

A successful freelance writing career needs some proficiencies other than writing. Freelance writing is no less than a business you need to run single-handedly, so if you were just about to start your freelance writing career with a mindset that it’s all very sweet, here’s a revelation- it’s sweaty, too!

Through the end of the post, Freelance Writing Turns Super-Easy With These Add-on Skills- Part 1, I had realized there were a few more add-on skills that I could talk about, and then I had appended the “Part 1” to the end of the title!

My definition of a successful freelance writing career includes-

  • Steady growth
  • Sufficiently increasing pay
  • Meaningful client relationships
  • A good work-life balance
  • Independence
  • Peace of mind
  • Satisfaction

Yours could differ, but these are the driving factors that led me to choose a career in freelance writing. And, when I started, little did I know there were so many skills vital to becoming an established freelance writer.

Some of the skills I learned the hard way are-

The Art of Convincing

Do you know how to pitch your services to your prospects? Can you explain what value you can bring to your clients? The art of convincing does not come naturally to some people- myself included.

This is how I acquired it.

I realized that I wasn’t able to convince people to buy my services because I had no idea what value they hold. Then, I researched and studied about the importance of words. And, I became fully aware that my capabilities were of great value to every business.

I talked to myself and explained that I could add magnificent value to any business because I had the power of words. Often, we suffer from a condition that makes us believe that our capabilities are only ordinary and that we don’t have something unique that the world needs.

But, I realized that words could drive businesses, they could sell, they could help companies grow and retain their success- all could happen through the power of words! Then, I studied about the ROI for businesses that invest in great copywriting and blog writing services. If your services could help them land a few clients, believe me, you were precious!

So, the key takeaway here is that you need to convince yourself first. Can you convince yourself that what you have to offer does not come easy and natural to everyone? Can you convince yourself of your writing prices? Think about it!


I don’t think they tell you this, but as a freelancer, you need to maintain a professional attitude with your clients. Of course, with some exceptions when you have transformed your client relationships into friendships.

A professional outlook is fundamental because it conveys sincerity and understanding. Imagine from your client’s perspective- having to deal with a freelancer who does not know how to talk. Would that be something you were looking for?

Professionalism consists of the way of talking, the tone of your voice, the mildly strict time rules of approaching clients over a telephone call or SMS, delivering on time, email etiquette, etc.

With a professional approach, you save yourself from a lot of trouble, too. Your clients know where the line is, and most of them appreciate it. Keeping your clients informed beforehand when you wouldn’t be able to deliver their requirements in the stipulated time will only show you are sincere and proactive.

Practice small professional gestures, and you will be seen as a business, not just a person.

Research and Analysis

Another crucial skill that can be included as part of effective freelance writing is the ability to conduct in-depth research and study on almost any subject. As a freelance writer, it is an added asset if you know how to dig up the material you want to include in your content before you put pen to paper.

As I am mostly into freelance writing for the technology-related stuff, I have signed up for Google Alerts, and have created an alert that includes subjects such as Technology, Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App Development, etc.

This helps me with two things other than widening my knowledge-

  • Regular alerts help me stay in the league, which is so vital given the pace of the IT industry.
  • It helps me suggest blog topics to my clients around the latest happenings in their industry.

My clients see my gesture as a positive and proactive one, and I get to build up the research material that I can use when writing about various subjects in the IT industry.

Irrespective of your freelance writing niche, you can sign up for Google Alerts and know when something in your industry goes viral and trending.

Except this, there are other ways to conduct extensive research on a topic. You can browse Google and move over to the news section. There, you may find the trending stuff, too.

Research capabilities highly add to your content and widen your viewpoints about everything related to a subject. This will help you master content building, and you will be seen as someone who can deliver high-quality content pieces.

Do you have some add-on skills that have proved to be of significance to your freelance writing career?

Share in the comments below!

Happy freelancing! 🙂

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