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Freelance Writing Portfolio

I have been working as a freelance writer for 3 years now.

My experience includes-

  • Copywriting- I have written effective copies for IT services companies, digital marketing agencies, and other firms who use technology to operate their business.
  • IT/Technology Blogs- I extensively work in the IT niche to dig out fresh blogging ideas with research and analysis. I have ghostwritten about 400+ blog posts for small and medium IT companies to help them meet their digital marketing goals.
  • Whitepapers- In-depth content pieces that establish your authority in the industry.
  • Infographics Content- Crunched and strategically drafted content that goes into appealing infographics.
  • Press Releases- These are crucial to get the word out about all that is happening within an organization. I have helped my clients put out effective press releases that help them stay top-of-mind with their prospects.
  • Case Studies- I have helped IT companies build brand reputation by rolling out case studies that highlight how their software product or service made an impact on their customers’ business.


My Portfolio



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I have tried to include a bit of everything here, but if you did’nt get a match for your requirement, contact me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email on