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Freelance Writing Portfolio

I have worked in the freelance writing industry for about 2.5 years now.

My experience includes-

  • Social Media content- Crisp and creative content that calls for action and establishes your voice on the social media platforms.
  • Viral NEWS content- Interesting and quick content pieces that address all that is hot and trending in the world.
  • Website Copywriting- I have written effective website copies for IT companies, Manufacturing businesses, Law firms, and Financial services firms.
  • IT/Technology Blogs- I have extensively worked in especially the IT niche to dig out fresh blogging ideas with research and analysis. I have ghostwritten about 300+ blog posts for small and medium IT companies for helping them meet their Digital Marketing needs.
  • Press Releases- These are crucial to get the word out about all that is happening within an organization. I have helped my clients with effective press releases that help them seal new deals.
  • Case Studies- I have worked with IT companies by writing about their software products for selling them, or pitching the ideas to their customers.


My Portfolio


Viral NEWS Content

I was associated with a leading viral content company in India- Wittyfeed.

This is my profile on Wittyfeed that will give you access to all the NEWS articles I covered in my tenure of a year with Wittyfeed.

Website Copywriting

IT Business Solution Providers- CDN Solutions

Technologies We Work On- CDN Solutions

Industries We Serve- CDN Solutions

Java Application Development- Aegis Software

Hadoop Development and Consultancy Services- Aegis Software

IT/Technology Blogs

Industrial Advantages of Narrowband IoT

Apache Spark: RDD vs. Dataframe vs. Dataset

Blockchain: The Transforming Technology And Its Applications

Blogs on Digital Marketing

How To Choose Media Cost Models For Paid Campaigns?

Online Reputation Management- Few Things To Ponder

How Important Are Paid Campaigns For Your Business?

Content for Law/Financial Services Firms

I am associated with Professional Services Marketing LLC, a firm that helps Law and Financial Services Firms with their Marketing needs. My Profile on the company’s Team Page.

A few content pieces I have written for PSM’s clients-

5 FAQs About Father’s Divorce Rights in NJ

How to Effectively Co-Parent in 2018

Time Management Tips and Tricks FOr Single Parents


I have tried to include a little of everything here, but if your requirement did not get a match, contact me on my LinkedIn profile or shoot me an email on