Never Let You Go

Love demands a bit of attachment with a bit of detachment. Read my account of letting go.

Well, it was a long time ago,
When love used to freely flow,
Nothing would make us part,
Everything cool and slow,
But now as we’ve grown up,
I guess priorities change,
And I’m now learning that,
I have to let go…
Love was freedom I had read,
Somewhere some philosopher said,
Then I had thought it was nonsense,
That what was freedom was just that thread,
That held us close and connected,
But guess what things change I know,
And now I’m learning to let go…
Though I know it in my heart,
That we would never fall apart,
And be like this beyond death,
But, the worldly attachments play their part,
And make me feel insecure and marred,
You worry not coz I’ll play it smart,
And as the seeds of love, we continue to sow,
I will free you but never let you go…

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