Is it Easy…?

A series of questions poetically connected, a longing to find the answers.

Is it easy to stay calm, when the inside’s in a furore?

Is it easy to stay, when they want you to go?

Is it easy to go, where your heart wants to?

Is it easy to reach the top, when you feel heavy within?

Is it easy to forgive, when you want to punish?

Is it easy to move on, when you really wanted to stay?

Is it easy to find peace, by leaving everything else behind?

Is it easy to think before acting, when your mind reflexes on stimulus?

Is it easy to preach truthfulness, when you lie to yourself daily?

Is it easy to stay alive, when you want to meet your maker?

Is it easy to struggle, for the things you deserve?

Is it easy to thank God, even in the hardest times?

Is it easy to apologize, when the mistake isn’t yours?

Is it easy to follow the heart, when the world expects?

Is it easy to break free through the shackles, that your mind has built?

Is it easy to follow, the hard things, things that are right, you know?

Is it easy to do all this, when you exist with your own frailties?

Is it easy to answer these, if yes, do it, please…

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